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Exposition Information

CMEF Autumn 2017

Meeting date 2017-10-29 to 2017-11-01
Host the city of Kunming
Address: Huandu East Road, Guandu District, Kunming, Yunnan Province
Name: Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center
Sponsor Guoyao Reed Exhibitions Co., Ltd. Medical Department

Exhibition description
The 2017th China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Expo (2017CMEF autumn will be held October 20, 2091 - November 1 in Yunnan Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center.

China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), founded in 1979, the annual spring and autumn, after 30 years of continuous innovation, self-improvement, has become the Asia-Pacific regions largest medical equipment and related products, services exhibition. The exhibition covers a wide range of products including medical imaging, in vitro diagnostics, electronics, optics, first aid, rehabilitation care and medical information technology, outsourcing services, direct and comprehensive services in the medical device industry from the source to the end of the entire medical industry chain. Each of more than 20 countries from more than 2,000 medical device manufacturing enterprises and more than 100 countries and regions over 12000 times the government agencies procurement, hospital buyers and dealers gathered CMEF transactions, exchange; with the exhibition more CMEF has been established as the largest professional medical procurement in the medical industry. South Gate) trade platform, the best corporate image release and professional information distribution center and academic and technical exchange platform.
CMEFs sub-brand
Conference Forum: Conference forum as an important part of CMEF exhibition, through the clinical technology innovation and application, product research and development, policies and regulations, industry development seminars and marketing trends 4 categories of special meetings and forums available to exhibitors, professional visitors A comprehensive business, academic research, information exchange platform, conference forum has become a reflection of the industrys most cutting-edge information and trends of the window, to promote international cooperation, to achieve the organic combination of academic and business.
CMEF Medical Imaging Zone The CMEF Medical Imaging Zone exhibits a wide range of imaging products in the fields of radiation, ultrasound and nuclear medicine. CMEF Imaging aims to provide a more centralized and specialized display platform for well-known imaging equipment suppliers at home and abroad, and provides a convenient access to equipment procurement at all levels of medical institutions. Will be with the CMEF Imaging simultaneously launched academic seminars and related forums, increased exhibitors, technology research and development and end-user communication opportunities between the exchange of common to promote the development of Chinese medical imaging technology.
CMEF In Vitro Diagnostics The CMEF IVD Professional Market The In Vitro Diagnostic Tests (IVD) product market is one of the most complex part of the market for all medical devices and is one of the most promising segments. Nearly two years of domestic IVD product market development is extremely fast, with the one-pass and other new policies to gradually advance, more IVD products opened up a bright future, CMEF IVD professional exhibition since the 59th CMEF in 2008 since the development of a wide range Received the exhibitors, professional audience praise. Professional exhibits division is for domestic and foreign buyers to purchase the necessary products to provide a great convenience.
CMEF operating room area / CMEF OR exhibition area has always been one of the key construction of the hospital, CMEF OR / operating room exhibition, the main push the industry popular hybrid operating room and operating room integration, to create the operating room industry, the most extensive product coverage, exhibitors The largest number of new technology pool of professional exhibition. The exhibition area provides the latest solutions for the operating room to provide the latest technology and products, understand the latest trends in the industry, enhance the opportunities for communication with partners and help them develop a vast medical market.
CMEF Informatization Zone CMEF IT Pavilion As a new professional division of China International Medical Devices Fair, it enriches the development process of hospital information industry, displays the latest technology used in the field of hospital informatization, and provides the latest information for the purchase and updating of hospital information products. The most convenient way, but also to help a large number of hospital information providers to develop domestic and international medical field market.
CMEF medical device soft technology area medical device soft technology (Medisoft) exhibition is the China International Medical Fair for medical equipment manufacturers and distributors, hospital users to provide relevant services independent area. The area includes: software manufacturing such as HIS (hospital information management system), PACS (medical imaging storage and communication system) and RIS (radiology information system); medical device registration, regulatory advice, intellectual property protection, media On behalf of the information services; and medical equipment, financial leasing, teaching and logistics services

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