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Social Services

Company services society is a kind of responsibility

The Company adheres to the service spirits of “company services society is a kind of responsibility”, comply with the duty  and take action to do our best.
“service” is not gracious society but gratitude. Thanks for the good policy and environment that our country provides for the development of company. So our relationship with social is like fish and water, the fish let the water live up ,fish have water to survive, company services society is to return and thank for society.
“service” is not only take its responsibility but promoting the development of company itself.  We believe that company with a strong sense of social responsibility , not only can gain more social recognition and praise ,but can cultivate a high-quality ,great vision ,cohesive team, have a boarder market and promote the great development of the company.
“service” only has beginning ,not ending , company in the development , service continued .”service” is a value orientation, is not a strategy behavior, is a basic requirement ,  is not expedient. Service and company’s development are very close.
“service” is not only an economic activity , but also cultural behavior. We, as a company , within the scope of the power to do some social public welfare undertakings , let more people to participate in community service, enhance our service consciousness and have service social culture idea..
Company service society, is a kind of responsibility, has become an international trend, is the important condition of international trade. ZSR will throughout adhere to serve the society and develop the sustainable growth of the service.

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