Respiratory --  Breathing comfortably

Atomization is a common aerosol inhalation therapy in respiratory department.The compression atomizer of ZSR utilizes the venturi jet principle to make the liquid rapidly disperse into tiny droplets under the impact of high-speed airflow, and then directly act on the pathological parts of the respiratory tract to achieve the purpose of rapid and effective treatment.It is mainly used to treat COPD, asthma, rhinitis, bronchitis, emphysema and other respiratory diseases as well as patients who need to moisten the airway and dilute the sputum.

 Obstetrics Department --  Umbilical cord cutting safely

The ideal umbilicus cutting method requires: not easy to bleed, not easy to infect, simple operation, no damage and quick shedding. So umbilical clamp is becoming more and more popular.The disposable umbilical cord shears produced by ZSR can complete multiple actions such as ligating and cutting umbilical cord in clinical practice at one time through professional design.It successfully plays a role in squeezing blood vessels, avoiding traction of the umbilical cord, preventing the splashing of umbilical cord blood, reducing the risk of infection, and making the baby umbilical cord and placenta safely separated.

 Urology --  rehabilitation with minimally invasive

Small trauma, less pain, quick recovery is the dream of every patient who needs surgery, minimally invasive surgery makes this dream become a reality.

In the pursuit of high efficiency, safety and excellence in the development of the road, ZSR continue to carry out technical innovation, humanized design, provide a number of invention patents and utility model patents of circumcision stapler, for the health of the majority of male compatriots.

At the same time, ZSR is also committed to the development of non-vascular interventional consumables.With the guidance and monitoring of medical imaging equipment, medical interventional devices such as puncture needles, guide wires and catheterization are used to introduce specific instruments into human lesions through natural cavities or small wounds for minimally invasive treatment.

 Medical protection --  infection control

As a widely used medical protective equipment in clinical multi-disciplines, it is helpful to improve the safety of treatment and examination, and prevent the spread of diseases between doctors and patients.Its importance is particularly evident in the prevention and control of 2020 COVID-19.

ZSR actively responds to the call of the government, gives full play to its years of experience in medical device manufacturing, and under the requirements of domestic and foreign market regulations, it has launched a number of medical protection products, greatly supports the joint prevention and control of domestic and foreign epidemic diseases, and has won the unanimous praise of domestic and foreign government agencies, civil organizations and business partners.

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