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Founded in 2013, DONGGUAN ZSR Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise based in China that aims at a high-end professional medical device and serves the whole world, it is located in Qingxi, Dongguan, China. The specialty is committed to the cultivation and development of Urology, with complete supporting urology consumables, endoscopic imaging system and related consumables.
The company has now developed into a technology-based enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service, and has established a perfect IS013485 quality management system and GMP sterile medical production management system, and the products have passed the EU CE certification and US FDA certification, and have several invention patents and utility model patents.

The total area of the company is about 4,000 square meters, with 100,000-grade and 10,000-grade GMP cleanroom and professional medical-grade sterilization facilities, 10,000-grade biological laboratory and testing and analysis equipment.
We have dozens of product registration certificates and more than hundreds of product specifications, and are actively investing in the research and development of high-end interventional consumables. Excellent quality, diverse varieties and professional services have established our good reputation in the industry. At present, our products have covered most hospitals in provinces and cities in China and sold well in many countries around the world.
In 2019, our company set up a branch in Pingshan Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Shenzhen, and opened up the second comprehensive production capacity base.

Our Positioning
Manufacturer of high quality urological consumables
Manufacturer of high quality endoscopic imaging systems and related consumables Manufacturer of high quality interventional consumables for various departments



Mission and Value

Your Health, We Care!


At ZSR, every employee understands that everything we do, why we do it and how we do it, are based on the need to better protect people's health.Therefore, we will spare every effort to achieve this mission, people-oriented, pragmatic and innovative,  excellence pursuing, society service , to provide people with our quality products and reliable service.




We work with medical experts, communicate closely with customers, and align clinical needs to provide user-friendly medical solutions.

Pragmatic and innovative


We combine cutting-edge technology and existing experience to develop new products in a wider range of clinical areas.

Excellence pursuing


Internationally recognized quality system and continuous improvement from each chain make our product quality and service become better.

Society service


We provide valuable products and services around the world and are long-term partner you can trust and work with.


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